Baby Shows

It’s been about a week since television has returned (thank you, Jesus) and I’ve watch near all of the freshman shows that have aired so far. While some seem promising most of them have been duds. But I guess that’s pilots for you and most shows don’t find their footing until near midseason (or later) — that is if they last until then.

Here’s the highlights.

The Good

Up All Night (NBC) – I’ve seen mostly mix reviews about this one. It seems that some don’t find it funny enough, but I think it’s a very sweet show with great potential. The cast is wonderful, especially Maya Rudolph as Ava – the boss of new mother, Reagan (Christina Applegate). While still finding itself comedically, this newcomer has lots of heart and might be the most promising if NBC lets it.

Pan Am (ABC) – Probably the most surprising of them all, Pam Am’s pilot really took off (har har, okay I won’t do that again). While a bit soapy, the period drama really focuses on the ensemble of women and their journey to become a new kind. Kelli Garner and Margot Robbie are particularly wonderful as sisters, Kate and Laura.

The Fades (BBC3) – This British supernatural drama from beloved Skins writer, Jack Thorne, lives up to all expectations. With a different take on the afterlife and an excellent cast of characters, the gory drama is likely to become the new Misfits.

The Bad

Whitney (NBC) – Recycling tired jokes about how different women are from men is offensive enough but with dreadful acting and lazy punchlines this comedy is the worst of the freshmen. If only NBC would move Up All Night into this time slot and let Whitney do her thing on Comedy Central or where ever they’ll have her. Better yet, someone build a time machine so she can go back to the 90s where men/women jokes were fashionable.

2 Broke Girls (CBS) – The two leads (Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs) of this comedy are likable enough but the broad stereotypes of both lead and supporting characters make it hard to sit through.

Ringer (CW) – Sarah Michelle Geller’s return to TV could not be more of a letdown. Neither of the twins played by Geller are interesting enough to be worth her time or yours.

What new shows were hits or misses with you?


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