In Defense of Quinn Fabray

If you keep looking for that happy ending, you are never gonna get it right.Glee has been on hiatus for two weeks now, with another Glee-less week to go. I always have too many  feelings and it’s going to be hard to this blog to not become a Glee blog but forgive me this post.

Quinn Fabray is arguably one of Glee‘s most polarizing characters. I don’t think there are many people who fall on the in between with this girl. She has lovers and haters which makes her quite interesting.

I’ll admit it: it took me a long time to come around to Quinn. I had gone back and forth before but mostly I just didn’t understand her. She lied to Finn, but came clean and suffered the consequences. She tormented Rachel, but then would have genuine moments with her. She made the glist, but helped Mercedes attempt to overcome body image issues.Her development has been inconsistent, and while most of the trouble is in the writing I think I finally found a way to make sense of it all. I would point my full conversion at about two weeks ago. In a LJ community, of all places, someone said, “She just wants to be loved.”

And isn’t that just it. She wants to be loved! It all makes sense. Her whole life she’s been trying to find someone to love her for who she is and not who they want her to be. The trouble is that she isn’t exactly sure who she is, so she molds herself into what she thinks will make others happy. She’s a good Christian girl, president of the Celibacy Club, for her parents and head cheerleader for her peers. When she feels like she’s losing Finn she joins the Glee Club. Partially for Sue, but mainly because she thinks being a part of glee will make him love her more.

After she gets pregnant all she dreams about is being not pregnant. Her dream in “Dream On” is “no stretch marks”. To Quinn, it’s her pregnancy that is the reason her parents kick her out and Finn breaks up with her. All she wants throughout the whole first season is to go back to “normal” or whatever it was like before she was pregnant, when people loved her.

In season two, she more or less gets her wish. She’s captain of the Cheerios and by the middle of the season she’s dating Finn again. Her new goal is prom queen which she doesn’t get and then Finn dumps her. Thus going “back to normal” didn’t make everything better. She still feels unwanted.

There have only been three episodes so far of the latest season but essentially Quinn’s storyline has boiled down to: joins “the skanks”, dyes hair pink, finds out Shelby’s back with Beth in tow, dyes hair back to blonde, rejoins glee club. The later two are apparently in effort to get Beth back.

Quinn has never shown any attachment to Beth, either during or after the pregnancy. But now Quinn doesn’t have anyone to love her. She has no boyfriend, no real friends (the dynamics of the Unholy Trinity is another post) so she projects it all onto Beth, this little baby who she thinks would have no choice but to love her. So she wants her.

Yes, it’s misguided and would never work, but Quinn is a teenager and doesn’t have a great track record with decision making. But hopefully this storyline will further her character arc to possibly discovering who she is and loving herself.

It’s understandable if you don’t like Quinn; they writers often write her as the villain, a problem in and of itself. But whether you see her as an antagonist or a normal girl with lots of issues, it helps to understand what her objective is. Hopefully the writers will realize the potential they have in Quinn and give her an arc that she deserves.


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