BerryCap 3.04 “Pot O’ Gold”: Seeking A Rachel Berry Solo

This should be a fairly short Rachel cap considering she was in the episode for a total of five minutes. Probably not even five minutes. But a lot of stuff went down that will certainly have an impact on our girl in the future so let’s dig in.

In summary Rachel’s role was diminished to being upset about the cancellation of the musical, being excited about it not being canceled after all, and taking the brunt of Santana’s annoyance at not being featured on more solos.

mte, Rachel

Santana says she’s only had one solo (“Valerie”) so technically, by those standards, Rachel’s only had two. Yes, Lea Michele has sung more songs in Glee‘s run so far, but if we’re not taking into account audition songs and practice pieces then the only two songs that qualify as Rachel Berry competition solos are “Don’t Rain on My Parade” and “Get It Right”.

And if everyone is going to keep complaining that Rachel gets all the solos, the writers should probably give her a solo to back up those accusations. Rachel didn’t sing a line in “Pot O’ Gold” and has only participated in duets in the previous episodes this season. The girl hasn’t had a solo since “Funeral”!

I understand that Rachel is not an easy person to love. She’s eager and direct and it puts a lot of people off, including most of her Glee-mates, which is pretty sad when it’s been her objective since day one to be included. yet we sit here, 48 episodes into the series and she still hasn’t managed to win many of the Glee members over.

Moreover, Santana’s accusation of the glee club’s performances becoming “The Blaine and Rachel” show comes after a performance by Blaine. Just Blaine. Rachel didn’t do a thing besides praise his performance and she gets criticized for that. Last season when she didn’t welcome in new members she was chastised (we’re going to ignore that crackhouse business because, wow, way to make your character two-dimensional, writers), but this season many members of the glee club have been resistant to Blaine joining the glee club while Rachel has been supportive yet somehow this is wrong too.

It would be wonderful if everyone could sing equally (I can’t remember the last time I heard Quinn or Tina’s voices), but at the end of the day why is the blame placed on Rachel? Mr. Shue is the teacher and ultimately he decides what song/singer choices will benefit them the most. It is a competition and “fairness” isn’t what comes first. You wouldn’t expect a football coach to play every team member equally, so why demand it from the glee club?

Beyond the constant “Rachel Berry Show” accusations, Rachel and Kurt shared an icy little exchange in the beginning over Rachel running for president but it seemed to be mostly dramatics. During the audition of newcomer, Rory, they seemed to be on slightly better terms. Hopefully we’ll actually get some words over the issue next week.

hummelberry 4ever

In the closing seconds of tonight’s “Pot O’ Gold”, Rachel’s ex-boyfriend, Puck was seen locking lips with her birth mother, Shelby. While not directly involving Rachel at the moment, it’s sure to come out later in the season and, well, let’s just hope Rachel’s dads still have that therapist on retainer (and maybe Rachel should give Quinn that therapist’s number too).

From the promo following the episode, it seems like next week will be a big episode for our girl. Still no word on any solos though.


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