BerryCap 3.06 “Mash Off”: The Berry Best

Too make a short BerryCap short, let’s talk about Rachel Berry and the WMHS student council election.:)

So after Rachel was afraid of losing the part of Maria she entered the race for student body president (or is it senior class president? I don’t think they’ve made that clear), much to the chagrin of Kurt who had also entered the race to beef up his NYADA application.

In “Mash Off” Kurt and Rachel haven’t been friends for weeks. While preparing for the dodgeball match, Rachel approaches Kurt and very sincerely admits that she misses him. But he tells her that she should’ve thought about that before she stepped all over him on her way to the top. And while I do understand that he’s hurt, he is acting awfully entitled in these moments. Kurt really did only run to look good for NYADA and not because of the self-righteous reasons he continues to spout. Also, let’s recognize that this is Rachel who has always choose the spotlight over friends making a concession. She’s starting to realize that maybe it’s the people who you have on your way to the top that really matter.


Later, during the presidential speeches Kurt vows to ban dodgeball considering that is violent and only encourages bullying.  Also taking into account that Kurt is the only nominee never made his campaign negative (I’m not sure where Rachel went negative, but feel free to refresh my memory), Rachel decides to concede and asks everyone to cast their vote for Kurt. Yay, friends for Rachel!

In the hallway as Rachel is taking down her campaign posters (Vote For the Berry Best), Kurt asks her why she withdrew from the race. She says she should’ve done it as soon as she she was cast as the musical lead and Kurt needs the resumé boost. She was so focused on getting herself to New York that she didn’t realize that part of her dream is going there with him. It was a really smart way of making her concession not really about him but more about her, her journey, and her relationship with Kurt. They hug, she pledges to help him win, and Hummeberry is back together, ya’ll.

Rachel also has a really sweet moment with Shelby in this episode. She approaches her birth mother about a recommendation letter, considering Shelby is a championship show choir coach. Rachel has already written the letter and she only asks that Shelby sign it. Shelby lets Rachel know how proud of her she is and Shelby taking a look at Rachel’s impressive resumé, Rachel asks if maybe Shelby will writer her own version of the letter.I, too, am so proud of this girl.

It’s also really nice for Rachel to get some reassurance about her future. Shelby tells Rachel her chances are good and that all the girls who beat her out on her own auditions usually graduated from NYADA. Rachel doesn’t often get much support from friends or even teacher so it’s pretty great for her to get it here. Maybe the show can evolve the Rachel/Shelby relationship into a sort of mentorship. It’s a tricky relationship to maneuver and I don’t know if Glee can handle it but we can only hope.

And that’s what you missed on Glee… or however I’m supposed to end this.


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